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MacBook - Skye
MacBook - Skye
MacBook - Skye
MacBook - Skye

MacBook - Skye


Our product

The Isle of Skye is a Scottish island.
Inlets, bays and islands create a complex lacework pattern with the sea. Tiny villages and historic keeps are familiar and fascinating. A place where time means nothin, and beneath every footstep lies 500 millions years of history.

*Hand-made crafted with 100% Tartan cotton cloth, velcro, foam and elegant lining.
*Velcro flap closure for extra security. Keep your MacBook safe!.


This sleeve is available for:

- New MacBook 12"
- New MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display
- New MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display
- MacBook 13"
- MacBook 15"
- MacBook Air 13"
- MacBook Air 11"
- MacBook Pro 13"
- MacBook Pro 15"
- MacBook Unibody 13"
- and all MacBook models.

Please, indicate your model in the order and let me know if you have a hard case on your device so I can make some adjustements, thanks!

Custom made sleeves

You don't have a MacBook? You own a laptop with different dimensions. Please feel free to contact me. Send me your model and i'll check what is possible.

Little Details

*Do not worry about stains because it is completely washable.
*We send the sleeve gift-wrapped.
*All our sleeves are 100% handmade by ourselves.
*The objects decorating the photograph are not included

Shipping time

To Iceland 2-3 days
To Europe 7.10 days
To Outside Europe 15-20 days